I take pride in knowing that I am a product of Dave Lyme.
— — Myles McQuone, Professional Rugby Player - Rugby United New York


Rugby is the ultimate team sport. 15 individuals combine to produce performances that are only as strong as their weakest links. Scrum Down Rugby has the best consultants to drive immediate and tangible on-field and off-field performance.

Scrum Down Rugby partners with US Rugby clubs to provide elite level technical set piece and team training programs, motivational speaking and general consultancy. Our team is highly accomplished and qualified with over 40 years of rugby coaching and leadership as well as extensive business experience at the highest level.

Our results can not only improve your team’s performance on the pitch but also off it. In these times of 24 hour media coverage and social media, we also provide off-field team management and and individual player guidance. We provide strategies around off-field team behavior, health and injury management.

Scrum Down Rugby is constantly staying ahead of the market to create unique plans that focus on driving the optimal results for its clients.

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