Youth Rugby – 7 reasons your child should get involved!

Youth Rugby is a great way to get young boys and girls in your community involved in an amazing sport. With increasing opportunities at College and Professional levels here in the U.S, there has never been a better time to introduce Rugby to your child or your community. One of Rugby’s most impressive facts is that this a community and club run program. There are more than 125,000 members playing in 2,673 clubs around the US!

While USA Rugby provides support, it is local clubs and community organizations that are implementing Youth Rugby in their area. Why are so many individuals volunteering to do this? Because the benefits far outweigh the cost, and we all know a generation of kids will love Rugby just like we do!

Here are 7 reasons you should implement a Youth Rugby program in your area:

1.     It's Safe: We understand that safety is one of the primary concerns for both players and parents. Statistically College Rugby has 5 times fewer injuries than College Football. In fact, many NFL teams are hiring rugby coaches to teach their players how to tackle more effectively and safely.

Safety at youth level is both our Coaches and Referees number one priority.


2.     It’s Fun: Rugby has a special way of giving everyone the opportunity to run with the ball, pass the ball, and play defense. Because of this, kids walk away from a match feeling active and part of a team - feelings we want our children to have daily.


3.     It's Inclusive: Inclusivity is one of the core values of Rugby. Rugby is a huge family that needs all different body sizes and skill levels to work. Youth rugby programs ensure that every child feels encouraged to pick up the rugby ball and become part of a TEAM!


4.     It Builds Character: As well as being very inclusive and safe, rugby is the ultimate team sport where there can be no Divas! – everyone must work together to make the game work. This breeds great communication and collaboration skills. There is also a code of behavior that encourages your child to be a respectful team member. For example, players are not allowed to speak to the referee during games and must refer to them as Sir or Ma’am at all times. They must also take any


5.     It Helps Grow the Game:  Community/Youth programs increase the number of rugby players in America and decrease the age at which they are introduced. Tens of thousands of kids playing today means our game continues to grow. For every child that plays rugby there is a whole family that adopts the game.


6.     It’s Low Cost and Easy to Pick up: The Youth Rugby League is a 6-8 weeks program with no year-round commitments, depending on your area. Practice runs 60-80 minutes depending on the age grade and occurs once or twice a week depending on which level you begin your program at. There is no specialized equipment, so Youth Rugby It’s a great way to introduce your child to a new sport – $0 investment required!


7.     It Impacts the Youth in your Community: Rugby is a life-enhancing sport. We can learn many things from this team sport like teamwork, respect, hard work and perseverance that apply in our everyday lives. Imagine the power it holds for every boys and girl in your community.