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We offer a wide range of standard and custom training services to our clients. If you’re looking for something that is a little bit different or not listed below, please let us know. We have a wide range of experts we work with and can create packages to suit your requirements.

Scrum Coaching

Dave Lyme is a recognized expert and nerd when it comes to scrums. Dave believes that the scrum is the most underrated and important part of any game plan. Consistently overlooked, a dominant scrum can make the difference between winning and losing.

Typically, our services consist of 2 x 2 hour training sessions on the field with your pack, teaching the fundamentals of the scrum and building on your team’s knowledge base. Step-by-step we will take you through everything you need to know to compete and beat the very best. From technique to mentality to process we will build a winning formula. We also return 60 days later to assess progress and make any adjustments to ensure continued success.

Former clients have seen dramatic improvements in performance including going from a game with no scrum wins before our session to 100% the following game!

Lineout Coaching

The lineout is critical in the modern game. You only need to look at Joe Schmidt and Ireland’s use of set pieces from the lineout that has been instrumental in defeating the All Blacks, winning the Six Nations Grand Slam and rising to number one in the world rankings.

Effective lineouts are a team effort and our coaching begins with the hooker but progresses all the way through to your backs. As well as providing classroom and on-field instruction, our team can create custom set piece plays that will leverage your teams strengths and provide effective weapons for your team going forward.

One-on-one Coaching

Often its the small details that matter when trying out for a team or applying to college. We offer one on one athlete training in both fitness training and rugby skills.

We will tailor a program to help you achieve your goals either preseason, off season or during the season to maximize your potential in all things rugby.

Coach the Coach

Our philosophy is to never stop learning. New theory, drills and a fresh perspective can dramatically improve your coaching. We offer services to help the coach understand new initiatives, new ways of thinking and a better way to get the point across to the Team.

A coach needs to be able to express himself in as few words as possible but still get his point across so as not to lose interest from his players, with years of experience we can help you understand what you need to concentrate on and what not to.

There is nothing more important than the Team. We will come in and help with your whole team. We can tailor programs for fitness training, game plans and player assessment.

We will work with you to increase your team’s basic skills and understanding of the game.

Increase your teams 1 percenters

Team training

Mindfulness Training

We offer services to help the coach and players understand mindfulness and self-belief through meditation and deep breathing.

We will show them how this works in both game situations and life and how this can easily translate to better performance under pressure.